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AEGIS Boost Pod Mod Kit – Features, Pros and Cons

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aegis boost pod mod

geekvape aegis boost Replacement Pod Modules; G Pod; G Pod Coil by brand Geekvape is a new product from the popular vaporizer and humidifier niche. It is a completely new concept in the world of electronic cigarettes. The company is also known to produce high quality electronic parts for personal computers, laptops, music systems and other electronic devices. There are different flavors to choose from so there is a flavor to meet everyone’s taste.

A unique feature of this product is that the silicone is not only used in the manufacturing of the coils, but is also used in the base and the cap as well. It is an extremely thick but flexible silicone that allows for a proper fit without the need for a top-fill system. Allowing the user to enjoy a fresh e-liquid each time they want to try a new flavor. The actual process is not overly complex, but does require some practice in order to get it right.

One of the unique features of the Geekvape AEGIS Boost Pod Mod is that it has a NiMh style dual coil. This is a coil that has a low and a mid intensity. The duality of these coils is what allows the user to be able to use the mod without having to use a top-fill system. This allows for a fresher and more efficient flavor producing experience. Plus the cool silver and pink lights give the coils a very feminine appearance.

There is a great feature in the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod that sets it apart from other similar vaporizers. You can increase the power of your coils to three times that of your normal juice capacity. It allows you to vaporize twice as much as your normal. This change however does not affect the temperature control or the vaporizer efficiency at all. It only affects the ability to increase the power, which can be a big benefit if you like to vaper in a different temperature.

The aegis boost mod kit comes with a fully assembled system. From the coils, to the connections and aegis itself, this kit was created to be easy to use and put together. Users were very happy with this kit and found that it did exactly what it said it would do. Vaping with this kit was a breeze. It did everything that it said it would and much more.

The aegis batteries used in the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod are rechargeable. This means that you are always ready for when you need them to be. When you reach maximum battery life, just simply plug in your batteries and you are ready again. You can also save a lot of money by having your own AEGIS that you will never run out of power, which is a very important thing to have in this type of situation.

One of the things that I really liked about the aegis boost pod mod kit was the overcharge protection. A nice feature of this mod pack was the overcharge protection, which protects your battery from overcharging problems. This is perfect for anyone that wants to juice on the go. Some people like to take their AEGis wherever they can go, and overcharging them can ruin their whole experience. Having a mod pack that can protect your battery is a very useful feature to have.

If you are looking for a good little device to use with your AEGis, then the AEGis Boost Pod Mod is perfect for you. These products allow you to use your AEGi’s both with and without a sub ohm tank and with both standard and triple coils. With these mod kits you get to enjoy a variety of different options with your AEGi’s, and really enjoy all of the benefits that they have to offer. From being able to charge your batteries very fast, to having your own airflow valve, and even the ability to overcharge your batteries. These products definitely have a lot going for them.

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