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VOOPOO VINCI X Mod Kit – Review

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Voopoo introduced the first Pod Conduit headphones but didn’t get very far. They wanted to do something different than the average headphones and they did. They came out with the revolutionary voopoo pod system and it changed the headphone world forever.

The VOOPOO Vibrant is a new pod-based model in the series. It obviously fits better to the word “pod” than the previous Vincis. The main reason for this is that the Vio is powered by a built in rechargeable battery. The VOOPOO Vibrant is much thicker and taller than the original vio, and even the VOOPOO Vibrant has an advantage over the original as it has a back light.

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The VOOPOO Violet is the most recent model in their revolutionary Pod System. For those of you who don’t know, the VOOPOO Violet is a high quality headphone with a built in microphone that is also waterproof. The VOOPOO Violet utilizes a revolutionary new technology called the Gene Chip which converts voice to digital data that can be sent directly to a computer. This saves you tons of money and makes transcription much faster. This is a huge advantage over standard dictation devices because the VOOPOO will be able to perform transcription while the computer is charging and not in use.

Included in the VOOPOO Vibrant is a VOOPOO Pod System which makes transcription and Skype video calls very easy. The VOOPOO Vibrant has two ports – a USB port for data transfer and a headphone jack for audio input. The VOOPOO Skin is also available separately for additional convenience. It is a very durable device that will last for a long time if cared for properly.

If I had to choose a cardioid microphone over anything else, I would choose the VOOPOO Pod System over the Airplane or Honeywell Air Filters because the VOOPOO actually forces your voice to come through clearly whether you are talking on the phone or doing it live on stage. The VOOPOO also has a built in 800mah battery, which is just about perfect for long distance trips. One of the biggest annoyances of transcription devices is having to carry around a large replacement battery and constantly have a fresh supply of batteries ready. The VOOPOO actually has a built in rechargeable battery and it lasts several hours on a single charge.

The VOOPOO Kit comes with a charger and everything you need to get started. You will also receive a foam envelope with the VOOPOO kit and an instruction booklet with detailed instructions for use. The VOOPOO kit includes three rows of the amazing VoPEO foam, a nylon thread needle and a nylon swivel. The main components of the VOOPOO consists of the three foam boards which are covered in a colorful fabric. There are also two rows of non transparent Coils which are necessary for listening to and transcribing with the correct pronunciation.

The air flow system inside the kit is revolutionary and is extremely smooth to use. You simply place your hand inside the air flow and use the finger sensors to trigger different air flows. This is done by creating a slight pressure on the finger sensors to vary the airflow and create different levels of airflow. When the correct airflow is produced the user hears clear transcription with proper accents and clear speech. The three main types of the VOOPOO kits include the single pod included, the double pod included and the quad pod included. The one pod contained system has one single coil and all the other coiled versions have two coils.

VOOPOO promises to revolutionize the Transcription industry as we know it today. The VOOPOO vinci x mod kit is a revolutionary product that is going to change the way we work forever. VOOPOO is a revolutionary product and everyone should give this a try.

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