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Vaporizers For The Best Juices

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The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA airflow system is a great new way to go about your e juice. With the unique self-cleaning pump that pulls out and catches your dead rabbit. After the juices have been extracted, this amazing system allows you to conveniently remove your pump and filter to keep you juices pure and sweet. No more mess or fuss with your dead rabbit juice extractor!

dead rabbit v2

The pump is made out of a durable material that is long lasting and extremely powerful. It utilizes a patented compression design that will ensure that your dead rabbit v2 juices are never contaminated. The pump is built with a long tube that extends out the base and along the side so that it will remain stable. There is also a large nipple on the bottom of the reservoir. The beauty of the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 features is that it is able to maintain constant pressure no matter how much airflow is created.

This innovative product is able to regulate airflow based on how many times you pump. This can be adjusted so that you are able to match airflow to how often you are steaming. The added feature of the vapor dome allows even more versatility. E vapors are always a concern for vapers so they needed a product that would help reduce that issue and the dead rabbit v2 has just what they need.

This awesome machine has two separate compartments. One is the top chamber where you will store your fresh juices. The second compartment is the stainless steel tank which is included in the kit as an upgrade. The deck is where you place your dead rabbit v2 and it has adjustable air flow ports, making it very easy to use and fill the unit with air.

The main difference between this improved version and the original dead rabbit v2 is that the air is regulated by two different airflow inlets instead of just one. These two airflow inlets are located on the bottom front of the unit. While the air moves from the bottom port on the bottom front, the top port on the top front is used for the sweet stuff like the honeycomb pattern. The Honeycomb pattern is a unique feature that makes the V2 a unique smoker.

With the upgraded version you are also able to use a pre build deck instead of the standard universal deck that comes standard with the Hellvape dead rabbit v2. The deck offers a fully enclosed electronic air cleaner which will reduce that dusty and charcoal like smoke that comes out of the original and newer units. The pre build deck is easily removed to use as a vaporizer or to clean out the insides of the unit.

The benefits of the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 pre build deck system is that you are able to make great tasting juices using freshly extracted loose leaf green mango and grape juice as well as other great fruit and vegetable infusions. Also, because it is fully enclosed the coils are free to heat up as the heating plate does not have to constantly maintain a temperature. All this means is that you can get more juice and better flavor with less evaporation. And the coil cooler that the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 has also allows the coils to be cleaned out easier and with fewer burnt cotton ends or burnt tongue sensations.

Because the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 has dual cooling systems, the build deck stays nice and cool when you start to heat it up. This means that your juices are always ready to go and you will not experience the burnt tongue sensations or other strange reactions that may occur if the post build deck cooling system were to fail. One of the best parts about the juices that you can create with the v2 juices box is that there is no need to worry about running out of room temperature juice because it can maintain its volume at the same time it is working. If you want to experience the highest quality juices possible then the Vaping Pod dead rabbit and the build deck vaporizers are definitely the best way to go.

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