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The Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo

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The Vandy Vape Jackaroo Kit really is the newest kit from Popular Vape manufacture Vandy Vape. These vapors really are a hot item. There are several reasons to purchase the Jackaroo. These include it’s price, the flavor and vapor quality and the compatibility with a number of different kinds of tanks. They’re also well known for providing extremely good flavor along with some great vapor production.

vandy vape jackaroo

With the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Kit, you get a single, pre-installed Jackaroo with a voltage controller and one (1) single Drip tip. They may not need much of an introduction these days since they’ve made so many other popular items. The basic Jackaroo package comes with the Jackaroo single, pre-installed mod, which is a nice single 2700 watt mod. It has a unique dome shaped bottom, which is great if you want a more powerful vapor hit. It also has a unique side spray nozzle that is great if you prefer to use a lower wattage e-juice.

The standard Vandy Vape Jackaroo Kit comes with a Vaporizer, a Carrying case, an Adjustable Mouthpiece and a Glass Coin Votive. The glass coin vessel is where you add your liquid and place your order. The carrying case lets you keep your mod safe while on the go.

This single tank gives you an amazing amount of flexibility because you can quickly change out flavors without much down time. The built in mesh filter on the front of the tank allows for a good air flow. The vapor chamber is extremely durable and spacious. This means that your Vandy Vape jackaroo in the tank will get around without any problem and won’t be damaged by weather or other elements.

The vapor production from this e-juice is very impressive and it comes in three different flavors. The first flavor is called Vanilla Sky, which has a rich sweet chocolate flavor and is great for people who are trying to quit smoking. The second flavor is called Bumble and it has a rich, intense berry flavor that is quite delicious. The third flavor is called Peanut Butter and Jelly and it is an awesome smooth peanut butter flavor that is perfect for an after dinner dessert. This Vandy Vape jackaroo kit along with a single 2021 mah battery gives you all of the power you need.

The vapor producing quality of the Vandy Vaporizer Jackaroo is absolutely top notch. The e-juice tastes absolutely amazing and provides you with a constant stream of flavorful vapor. The vapor production in this e-juice is so advanced that it is capable of producing vapors at up to thirty times more potent than that of a standard sixty wattage unit. This makes the Vandy Vape jackaroo pod kit a real powerful kit.

When it comes to the vapor quality of the Vandy Vape jackaroo, there really isn’t much to complain about. It produces flavor at a level close to a triple burner per wattage. It has a fast firing rate and has a very short heat up time. This means that you can get a high quality of vapor in a very short amount of time and the flavor still remains consistent throughout the entire session.

The controls on this vaporizer really make it a great buy. The controls allow you to change the speed and power of the e-juice through a couple of simple switches. The e-juice can be safely stored in the control pod when not in use. There is no need to worry about the unit breaking down or causing a fire if you accidentally leave it sitting for too long as it is extremely durable. Overall I give the Vandy Vape jackaroo a high grade overall and recommend it highly to anyone looking for an excellent quality portable vaporizer that can be powered by a variety of options including but not limited to an AC adapter and high-quality replacement batteries.

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