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Smoktech Avanti Kit Review – Does It Live Up to Its Name?

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Smok’s latest creation, the SMOK SCAR-18 Kit 230W is a perfect companion for your everyday smoking ritual. The compact device allows you to enjoy the great features of an electronic vaporizer but without the need to lug around your favorite electronic item. Simply place the Smok Vaporizer into your carry-on bag and you’re all set. No cords or wires are needed which makes it ideal for both travelers and people on the go. And the kit is a perfect match for just about any occasion.

For convenience, the Smok Scar-18 kit 230w can be used with any of Smok’s award winning vaporizers such as the Veggie Grill. The stainless steel tube design allows you to keep your hands free for other things while you prepare your meals. The stainless steel body features a one-touch button that flips the glass tube shut so that you can easily draw air into your lungs. The glass tube is also easily detachable so that you can easily change your liquid mixture or refill it with your favorite flavor.

The Smok Scar is also great for use with your own DIY vaporizer. Simply place your Smok vaporizer into the Smok SCAR-18 Kit (or whatever Smok flavor you prefer) and turn it on. You can now begin enjoying the warm, sweet and smooth clouds of vapor that are sure to relax you. In addition to the built-in whip, the stainless steel tube allows for easy portability and provides superior flavor-bite retention.

If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and potency, the Smok Scar-RTA is the perfect choice. Just like the original Smok line, the Scar-RTA offers the same iQ-X chipset along with several premium vapor flavors. The difference between the Scar and the rest of the lineup is that it comes with its own charger and modulator. This allows you to charge your iQ-X chipset and use it with your own mod instead of relying on the cigarette lighter or the power of the computer. Using your own mod will ensure that you get the maximum amount of vapor and flavor every time.

In addition to the iQ-X chipset iQ-SCAR-RTA, the Smok Scar also features a top quality, authentic Chinese stainless steel box mod. The box mod resembles a large cell phone that has an rechargeable NiCad battery built into it. When you turn on the box mod, it takes just a few seconds to heat up and begin vaporizing. You may find that it is a bit hot to the touch but once you have used it, you will see that it heats up nicely and stays put until you release the temperature controls. The heating component will force the airflow through the tube which cools the air before releasing it.

To give your smoking experience that extra boost, you can also use the standard sized clear Smok atomizer and the mouthguard that comes included with the Smok Scar-RTA. Both of these items are removable and can be taken apart for personal changes in the flavor of your tobacco. The exterior of the product is very smooth including the screws and other hardware. The body of the device looks similar to many of the top quality modems on the market, and is easy to use and maintain.

Smoktech’s Scar-RTA has many advantages over many of the other devices on the market for vaporizers. First, it has an optimal resistance range, allowing you to get the perfect bowl every time without worrying about changing batteries. Second, the kit includes a charger, battery and silicone ring for a very safe and reliable build. Third, it allows you to choose between a low or high wattage model, so you can customize your experience to what you need. In addition, the charger makes it very convenient because it is cordless and only requires a standard wall outlet for charging and regulation.

The temperature control of the kit is another great feature of this well built machine. It allows you to control the airflow and temperature of your smoke with the push of a button. No more adjusting your device while waiting for it to heat up and no more turning the computer off and on because the battery is getting low. The unit also has a very long battery life and a safety feature in which if you were to power it up on a cold day, the internal battery will shut itself off. Smoktech definitely has the advantage over most of their competitors when it comes to air tools as well built products.

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