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Review of the ijoy Vapors Charger and Battery

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For the best tasting vaporizer available on the market today the ijoy Vaporizers line is definitely worth checking out. All of their products are made in the United States and they are top of the line when it comes to vaporizing e-juice. This company has also created a very unique line of products for personal use and for use with their vaporizers. The ijoy Vapormagen is one of their newest products. It’s designed to help you create the ultimate high quality e-juice to be used in your vaporizer.

This product has two different kits available to you. The first kit comes with a digital thermometer that also doubles as a LED light that shows the percentage of vaporization. The Diamond PD270 has a large OLED touch screen, an instant fire speed, SS temp control, variable wattage box mod, convenient NiMh compatibility and a two year warranty. The new ijoy vape vaporizer kit will surely bring you a much better e-juice experience. In addition this vaporizer comes with two extra bottles of the exceptional Diamond Nicotonic Gold Liquid Concentrate.

The ijoy UPPEN PLUS also doubles as the incredible ijoy vaporizer. This single piece mod is truly remarkable. This upended tank holds an unbelievable amount of e-juice for its size! This tank is designed in a unique way that allows you to fill up your tank more slowly so that you don’t get overly overwhelmed. This tank is extremely easy to use and the mod has two power buttons. Plus the ijoy UPPEN PLUS has an extremely powerful quartz turbo button.

The ijoy uppener has a unique fire button. To fire your Vapes simply touch and hold down on the firing button. Then you can shift the temperature easily by selecting the up and down arrows on the shogun U 180W Box Mod. The ijoy shogun also has an amazing orange lighting system. When the orange light flashes you can see the temperature of your Vape. The ijoy shogun also has a safety shut off and blue auto shut off.

The ijoy vapors charger is really a fantastic product. This vapors charger is especially useful for people who enjoy using their ijoy vaporizers for extended periods of time. You should be aware that this is not a high capacity device so you might have to replace it every two to three months. However the 3000mah battery life of this vapors charger makes it perfect for two to three hours of continuous use.

A unique feature of the ijoy vapors charger is that you can upgrade it yourself. You have the ability to replace the batteries, switch over to blue ijoy vapor button light, change the fire button and even select a different color for the light. The firmware-upgradeable feature allows you to replace the chips in your device without paying for it. This is great because with the large selection of ijoy flavors you are bound to find one to satisfy your taste bud.

The ijoy juice collection is a wonderful way to stay healthy while still having plenty of flavor available. The ijoy Juice Collection has a variety of premium herbal blends such as raspberry ketone, blueberry pie and cherry blossom. You can monitor your battery life via the built in gauge on the side panel. If you ever need to make up a new blend the ability to store five of your favorite flavors will allow you to do just that. The built in temperature control allows you to adjust your vaporizing output based on your personal preference.

The ijoy Vapors charger is a great addition to any collection of mod sets. With a power source and multiple wattage output options you can custom fit your experience no matter what you are looking for. The ijoy vapor set is a complete unit that is guaranteed to give you all of the benefits that you are looking for from a mod. With a long warranty and easy to follow step by step instructions you are sure to make the right decision when purchasing this product. I am confident that the ijoy flavors will satisfy your e-juice needs and give you the full satisfying experience that you are looking for.

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