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Review of the Aegis Boost Pro, A New vaporizer From GeekVape

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When it comes to electronic cigarettes, VandyVape products line up very well. A quick look at their list of products will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect from them. There is a variety of different models for everybody so if you are not a fan of one type, you can always switch to the other. This line-up of products is a perfect example of how a company can change product lines if they want to and cater to a more specific niche.

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The newest release of the GeekVape Aegis Boost Kit comes with a dual voltage rechargeable battery and adjustable airflow control. With a dual battery and adjustable airflow control, the vaporizer has a lot going for it. It allows you to use it either with a built-in ground or with your own built-in vaporizer.

In addition to the great battery, the aegis boost has a lot going for it in terms of vapor production. It has a solid base that does not leak or spill over when used with a built-in ground. It also has two standard sized heating coils and a large, rick bottomed, spider web shaped, expanded coil. Each of these coils are designed specifically to give your vapor a superior taste. These two features, along with a built-in clock-set clock and adjustable airflow control make the aegis boost a great choice for a lot of people who love to try new things with their e-cigs.

The vaporizer comes complete with a triple-A battery, a replaceable glass tank and a clitoral clip to help keep your hands clean when you are blowing. The aegis kits come in three collections: the Enthusiast’s Collection, the Standard Collection, and the Deluxe Collection. The collections are designed specifically to go with different vapers and are a great way to get a kit that will be useful for a long time.

A good thing about this vaporizer is that it is designed to work with two separate devices. The first device in the set, which includes the rda, is designed to work with the aegis dual box mod and the second device, which includes the batteries, is designed to work with the triple A battery. By using two separate batteries, the aegis dual box mod will allow you to use it with a wide variety of devices.

If you prefer a more simple mod then you might want to look at the aegis jackaroo mod. It does not have any extra features such as a triple-A battery or a replaceable coiled battery like the dual box mod has. Instead, the jackaroo mod just has three coils to ensure that the mod is still compact and easy to take on your backpack or a laptop. This makes it a good choice if you are looking for a simple all-around vaporizer that you can use with nearly any device and enjoy.

Finally, if you like a more advanced electronic device then you might want to check out the Aegis Boost. The design of the Aegis Boost includes a dual aegis board with adjustable airflow control, a USB charging port, a vapor display, a foot switch for activating the battery, a power button, a backlight, a battery life indicator, a clock, and a turn-off switch. The turn-off switch simply disconnects the batteries. The Ohm Coil to Vaporize between five and seven times, has a copper barbell with two copper wires.

The batteries included in this vaporizer are rechargeable and can be replaced with new ones when needed. However, the ability to charge and re-charge the aegis boost or via the USB-C port is limited. You can also use the USB-C port to charge other items like your cell phone or an MP3 player. If you plan on using this vaporizer a lot then it is probably best to purchase a replacement battery. The USB-C port is also a bit tricky to use and can get a bit hot so you may want to consider warming it up prior to inserting the battery.

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