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AEGIS Boost Review

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aegis boost

The aegis boost is a very popular new vaporizer among many’s. Many say that it’s the most advanced vaporizer available. One unique attribute about the Jackaroo modd is that it doesn’t utilize the traditional atomizer adapter.

What this means for you is that this unit does not have a glass or plastic wrapper to insulate your device. This means that you get the most vapor production per dollar. The fact that this unit doesn’t use a glass or plastic wrapper is also a plus because of the cooler, more stealthy appearance. Another unique feature about the Jackaroo Vandy Vaporizer is that it doesn’t use a bottom feeding tube like most other vaporizers on the market. Instead it uses a long, extended (semi-permanent) tube that extends from the bottom of the tank all the way to the side of the battery.

This elongated tube makes for a very nice easy to hold electronic. One feature of the Aegis Boost that sets it apart from other units is that the buttons are a bit larger and easier to press than on other AEGIS Boost models. One thing that people complained about the previous AEGis models is that the button did not respond as quickly as they would have liked. However, with the new USB-C batteries that the company uses they have addressed that issue. The buttons are much firmer now, so you’ll have a better response time when using the AEGIS Boost.

Speaking of the AEGIS Boost, it’s actually pretty impressive when you take a look at it. It features a fully stainless steel body and a large, backlit clear glass window on the front. When you first receive your vaporizer it will be covered in a blue colored vapor odor due to a malfunctioning leaky bottle. To solve this problem, the company has replaced all of their bottles with glass.

One unique feature of the AEGIS Boost that sets it apart from the other vaporizers on the market is its use of a rechargeable, high quality eighteen650 battery. The Geekvape AEGIS Boost will not hold a charge long if you go over a day without recharging. After just one use of the AEGIS Boost you will notice that the flavor in the bottle has been enhanced and it has a stronger odor to it. Many vapers agree that this feature makes the AEGis Boost a better choice for many people.

The AEGIS Boost comes in two different sizes. The smallest size is the Mini and it can fit in your pocket or purse easily. If you like to travel with a smaller sized vaporizer, then the Mini is the model for you. Just be sure to replace the battery from time to time so it stays charged. Some people have even complained about the batteries being a little short. I have not experienced this yet but it may be a result of me not ordering enough of the original AEGIS Pod.

The biggest issue that users seem to be having with the AEGIS Boost comes from the lack of a replacementable battery. You can tell because the company does not recommend you buy a second AEGIS Pod Kit to replace the battery. This is a real concern because most vaporizers come with a built in, rechargeable battery.

The AEGIS Boost also does not include a charger or a USB cable. This means that you will have to find your own adapter to connect your vaporizer to your computer. If you are going to use your AEGIS Boost indoors, you should really consider purchasing a USB adapter to use with your computer as well. That being said, the AEGIS Boost is a good basic starter vaporizer and would be a great addition to any vaper’s collection. In my opinion it should have more battery life than the Vandy, but like I said it works great for beginners.

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